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The View from a Hearse by Joseph Bayly

This brings me, then, to the final lesson I gained from my father-in-law : how a Christian man dies. For most of us, of course, that topic is as far away from our minds as we can manage. Our world proclaims to us that death is far off, and that when it comes, it's a peaceful, beautiful, natural thing.

But brethren, Christian faith is diametrically opposed to this idea, and so was my father-in-law. Twelve years ago, when he first was told he had a few years to live, it would have been easy for him to give up, to not fight, and to go to be with Jesus.

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And yet he did just the opposite, fighting his cancer at every point, working with his wife as she researched endlessly to find ways to delay, if not defeat, this terrible foe. And it was not pretty.

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His battle was full of suffering of all kinds, yet throughout it, my father-in-law persevered and, like Job, did not charge God with folly. So as his body grew thinner and his breathing more labored, his heart belonged all the more to God.

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  8. On his deathbed, my father-in-law found time not to complain, but to thank his wife, his daughters, and his mother-in-law And, more than anything, he confessed that even in giving him this terrible disease, the Lord was his portion. All of these things my father-in-law could do only because he knew the reality of the Resurrection. He knew that our culture is wrong, but Scripture is right: Death is ugly, and it's not natural. It was Adam's first enemy, and it will be the last one to die.

    My father-in-law knew this, and he fought death with all his might. In order to explain how I found myself actually not only enjoying this particular song and artist, but even prepared to give the singer my seal of approval, first I have to explain my convoluted theory of music. Those that hear a song and immediately understand the music, tempo and beat.

    Was a Hearse Towed Away During the Middle of a Funeral?

    Of course, the best songs will have the proper mixture of both, and that, my friends , is when the hair on your arm stands up. Have you ever had that feeling? In fact, he and his management were willing to offer free admission to the show for those who donated.

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    I thought that was a pretty neat idea, which lead me to do a little more research about this generous musician. Run for the hills Johnny Boy, that title has country written all over it! Join our FB Fan page!

    Facebook Twitter Youtube. The hearse is a most notorious icon of death and mourning. Numerous superstitions, gestures and beliefs are connected to this vehicle.

    The View from a Hearse

    Just the mere sight of a hearse can stir up many emotions about our own mortality. Since the time of horse drawn hearses, a common belief was that if you saw a hearse, you would be the next to die. To avoid such a horrible curse, in Victorian times, it was believed that holding a button could ward off this demise.

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